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What to Know Before Going for Solar Rooftop

Updated: Jan 20

Shadow Free Roofs – Solar panels work with the sun's light waves, so shadowless spaces are very important for photovoltaics. Normally, 70 square feet of space is required to install a 1KW solar power plant.

BATTERY OR NO BATTERY - Currently, solar roof systems have no batteries, allowing for zero electricity bills. At night, you can use electricity from the grid or opt for a battery system that helps during power outages for zero bills.

Roof type – The type of roof makes a big difference in cost as it affects the type of structure required to install the solar panels. The construction of a regular RCC roof is less expensive compared to the raised construction of the same roof. A tin roof requires a different type of construction, which affects the final cost.

Solar panels can be placed in almost any climate - solar panels work on the light they receive from the sun, so you can place them anywhere you can get sunlight. Solar panels generate electricity even on cloudy days.

Professional installation is key – PV systems are expected to last 25 years or more, so professional installers are required. A professional installer is required in areas where electricity is present due to the risk of electric shock and short circuit fire.

Solar PV systems increase the value of your home – Solar PV systems contribute to the final value of your home by providing free electricity and generating green energy. Who would oppose making electricity free?

Solar Power Warranty – Solar power systems have different warranty periods depending on the component. For example, solar panels have a 10-year manufacturing warranty and a 27-year performance warranty, and inverters have a 5- to 12-year warranty, depending on the manufacturer.

What is the lifespan of a solar panel? – Solar panels have a performance warranty of 27 years, but solar panels work for more than 27 years.

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