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We Are SunStar Solar

Commercial & residential solar panel installations. 

A Better Tomorrow

SunStar Solar Solutions Mangalore & Udupi largest integrated solar company, brightens lives worldwide.

Through our innovative collection of solar products that improve life, we aim to make customers smile.

For the past ten years, SunStar Solar solutions Mangalore & Udupi have made people's lives better. Thousands of people have come to trust us because we always try to provide solutions that are both affordable and of high quality.

SunStar Solar solutions Mangalore & Udupi are leading the way in providing feasible, innovative, and cost-effective clean energy solutions with the support of a skilled team and knowledgeable leadership.

Top Rated

SunStar Solar Solutions Mangalore & Udupi is one of the best rated solar solutions in mangalore.  Solar energy can be a cleaner, more affordable option, guaranteeing sustainability. Embrace a better tomorrow with the most trusted solar company.

10 Years of Experience

SunStar Solar Solutions Mangalore & Udupi fastest-growing company dealing with different categories of solar products at industry leading prices. It is dedicated to serving its clients with genuine solar products, even the Bulk Buying options.

Quality That Lasts

SunStar Solar Solutions Mangalore & Udupi provide the most reliable and economical solar roof installation. Rooftop solar power is the most profitable renewable energy source widely used to create eco-houses due to its abundant availability during the day. 

Personalised Solutions

SunStar Solar Solutions Mangalore & Udupi have Solar solutions for all purposes Roof top solar PV systems, solar power parks, solar plate, solar street lighting, solar water heaters, solar water pumps. 


Invest in Your Future

Our advanced solar panel calculator estimates the efficiency of solar panels in your area and recommends the best way to install a solar power plant on your roof to save money.

Join the Family

A change is coming, you can be a part of it.

Contact us at to learn about future job opportunities.

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